‘Razia’: Mahira Khan to challenge traditional norms

Mahira Khan has given an intense sneak peek for her upcoming series ‘Razia’ which has raised the anticipation of her fans to new heights.

The preview teases a story that promises to challenge deeply ingrained patriarchal standards and shine a light on women’s resiliency in the face of tragedy and the full trailer is expected to be released on September 14.

Mahira’s Instagram photo, which was intriguingly worded, “I am still alive,” provided a fleeting but profound insight into what Razia has in store for its viewers.

With a gripping narrative that seeks to empower and inspire, the teaser seems to transfer its audience to a culture in which women’s lives are restricted and frequently regarded as having less value than men’s.

Momal Sheikh’s character, who is confused by the strain of having a boy, is the main focus of the teaser and her husband, played by the excellent Mohib Mirza, appears as someone who would appear to prefer preserving a young boy’s life over his wife or a newborn girl in a society that is ruled by repressive patriarchal traditions.

But when the mysterious Razia played by the legendary Mahira enters the story, things take a dramatic turn. Although the teaser doesn’t reveal much about Razia’s position, it is clear that she stands out as an unlikely hero with the capacity to oppose the repressive status quo.

Fans are anxious to investigate the plot twists and turns in Razia since it is tantalisingly unknown how Mahira’s character fits into the narrative and the extent of her impact.

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