Toyota launched its Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Corolla Cross in Pakistan

Indus Motor Company, the assembler of Toyota vehicles in Pakistan, has recently launched its Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Corolla Cross, which the company says is 50% localised in terms of its value. The company also sees the near-term future of the auto sector in Pakistan as viable for hybrid cars.

The remarks came during the 7th Journalist Summit at Bhurban.

While talking to media, Indus Motor Company CEO Ali Asghar Jamali said the time for Electric Vehicles (EVs) is still far away.

“But things will gradually move towards electric vehicles — first its HEV, then there will be PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) and finally electric vehicles and perhaps new (better) technology comes by that time,” he said.

Earlier in the summit, Jamali said the Corolla Cross will see better fuel economy with up to 50% more efficiency.

“This not only translates into significant savings but also contributes to reducing our dependence on imported fuel by approximately 50%.”

The company says that it has come to this conclusion on the basis of data from other countries with similar conditions.

On the sidelines of the unveiling ceremony after the summit, Chief Engineer Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) Yasushi Ueda told media that Toyota sees Hybrid vehicles as the best option for Pakistan keeping in view its infrastructure and customer preference.

“When I arrived in Pakistan, I saw Toyota hybrids (such as Prius and Aqua) already on Pakistan’s roads,” he said, suggesting it shows acceptance of Toyota and other hybrid cars in the Pakistan market.

Used hybrid vehicles have been coming to Pakistan in significant numbers mainly from Japan in the near past.

Jamali shed light on Pakistan’s current energy landscape and the challenges in introducing Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs).

“Pakistan heavily relies on non-renewable energy sources, hindering the immediate adoption of BEVs (since it would not reduce carbon emissions as one expects from them). However, our HEV technology presents a practical and efficient solution, providing low maintenance costs, reliable batteries, and excellent resale value to our customers,” he said.

Speaking about environmental sustainability, Jamali emphasised the Corolla Cross’ role in curbing emissions, stating, “With a 35% reduction in emissions, the Corolla Cross exemplifies Toyota’s commitment to a greener future for Pakistan. We are delighted to offer a hybrid electric option that significantly contributes to a cleaner environment.”

“Corolla Cross will be a game-changer in the automotive landscape of Pakistan,” Jamali said.

Jamali said that deducting government taxes, over 50% of Corolla Cross value comes from localised parts, which makes it unique among other assembled hybrids in the country.

Corolla Cross has been launched in Pakistan at an introductory price range of PKR 9,399,000 for Mid-Level category and PKR 9,849,000 for its high-end category.

“Equipped with a 1.8L Hybrid Electric Engine, Multi Drive Modes including EV, ECO, and Power, 7 SRS Airbags, Blind Spot Monitor, Clearance Sonars, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, 9-inch Floating Display, and Bi-Beam LED Headlamps, the Corolla Cross ensures that our customers experience unrivaled comfort, convenience, and safety,” Yasushi Ueda said.

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