Increase in international flights from Kabul Airport

By Special Representative

KABAL : International passenger flights from Kabul Airport have increased.


According to foreign media, a large number of citizens are being evacuated from the planes of other countries including the United States, Germany and France.


On the other hand, the White House spokesman said that the Taliban have allowed the citizens to come to the airport, hopefully they will fulfill their promise. There are still 11,000 Americans in Afghanistan.


According to a White House spokesman, some citizens who have left Afghanistan have been harassed, and the issue has been raised with the Taliban.


US Major General Hank Taylor said the Taliban did not interfere in US withdrawal efforts from Kabul. No attack or threat was received, every hour an attempt was made to fly.


Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said a meeting between Taliban leaders and the head of US Central Command had taken place in Doha. No hostile talks were held with the Taliban.

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