The Israeli bombardment of Gaza continues, bringing the number of martyrs to 220, including 63 children

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GHAZA : The Israeli bombardment of Gaza has not stopped, the number of martyrs, including 63 children, has risen to 220, 52,000 Palestinians have been displaced, the Israeli Prime Minister has announced that the attacks will continue.


Palestine is burning, the number of martyrs is constantly increasing due to the bombardment by Israeli forces. The buildings became ruins. Palestinians are burying their loved ones every day. The screaming doesn’t stop. Three more Palestinians have been killed in attacks by Zionist forces on Gaza, while 450 buildings have been destroyed so far.


Israeli forces opened fire in the West Bank, killing four more protesters. Israeli forces spoke on protesters, firing on Palestinians near Damascus Damascus of Masjid al-Aqsa, threw unconscious bombs, arrested many people.

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Palestinians also staged car rallies in various West Bank cities against the attacks on Gaza. Participants held Palestinian flags, chanting slogans against Israeli atrocities. A large number of children and women also took part in the protest.


On the other hand, the Israeli Prime Minister has reiterated that the attacks against Hamas in Gaza will continue until all Israeli citizens are assured of safety.


Amnesty International has called Israeli attacks on residential buildings a war crime and called on the International Criminal Court to investigate Israeli atrocities.


Residents of shelter homes in Gaza say they have been forced to live in fear for the past 20 years, with their children witnessing only explosives and bombings.

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