Electricity became more expensive before the heat wave hit

By Monitoring Desk

ISLAMABAD : The federal cabinet has approved to increase the price of electricity through circulation summary in three different quarterly adjustments and it has been decided to increase the price of electricity by a total of Rs 1.72 per unit.


According to private TV Express News sources, the price of electricity is likely to go up by 82 paisa per unit in the fourth quarter of the financial year 2020, while in the first and second quarters of the current financial year, the price of electricity will go up by 90 paisa per unit. May be. The increase in electricity prices will take effect from October 2021.


Energy Minister Hamad Azhar has said that the quarterly tariff adjustment is coming to an end in October. The implementation of the new tariff adjustment will increase the price of electricity by 8 paisa per unit.


On the other hand, the spokesperson of Power Division said that the Federal Cabinet has directed the Ministry of Power to request a review of the decision of NEPRA to increase the price of electricity so that the price of electricity remains the same and after the implementation of the new quarterly tariff. Only eight paise increase in October. According to the spokesperson of the Power Division, the Ministry of Energy has submitted a review application to NEPRA on the direction of the Federal Cabinet.

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