Inter-provincial gang involved in fraud through fake notes arrested in Karachi

By Our Correspondent

KARACHI : An inter-provincial gang involved in fraud through counterfeit notes was arrested in Shar-e-Quaid. The accused involved in counterfeit notes revealed that they had collected millions of rupees from several naive people through fraud and forgery.



In Karachi, brigade police arrested a woman and two men involved in forgery and fraud of notes from the people. The arrested accused include Bushra Bibi, wife of Asif, Azhar son of Waliullah and Naeem son of Ali Muhammad. Chemicals and other items used in counterfeiting were recovered from the accused.


According to police officials, the accused had earlier been arrested and jailed in several cases in Khanewal and Karachi districts of Punjab. The criminal record of the accused is being ascertained for verification. According to the police, the video of the arrest of the accused of this group is also available on social media. The accused are involved in extorting millions of rupees from many innocent people through fraud and forgery. The accused also demonstrated counterfeiting of notes. A case has been registered against them and legal action has been initiated against them.

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