Exceptional Recognition for Pakistani Engineer: Engr. Abdul Haseeb Mansuri Receives FIDIC Asia Pacific Young Emerging Leaders Award 2023

In a groundbreaking achievement for Pakistan, Engr. Abdul Haseeb Mansuri has been chosen as a recipient of the prestigious FIDIC Asia Pacific Young Emerging Leaders Award. FIDIC (Asia Pacific), a leading organization in the engineering sector, conducted an extensive selection process and identified Engr. Abdul Haseeb Mansuri as one of the outstanding emerging leaders in the region.

Engr. Abdul Haseeb Mansuri, a dynamic and socially engaged engineer, has actively contributed to various social and welfare initiatives in Pakistan. His involvement with esteemed engineering communities such as the Pakistan Engineering Council and Progressive Engineers Forum Pakistan underscores his commitment to advancing the field.
Distinguished as an active member of the Young Engineers Development Committee of PEC, Engr. Abdul Haseeb Mansuri has also made a mark as a Radio Broadcaster on Fm-101 (Radio Pakistan). His multifaceted contributions extend beyond professional realms, as he actively participated in a Blood Donation Drive for Thalassemia Patients in 2011. Additionally, his philanthropic endeavors include volunteering during the 2005 earthquake, initiating fund-raising activities and ration drives during the 2009 and 2010 floods, and spearheading a charity drive to aid victims of the 2015 Heat Wave at Government Korangi General Hospital Karachi.

The FIDIC Asia Pacific Young Emerging Leaders Award 2023, a highly esteemed accolade, received nominations from across Asian countries. Out of the seven shortlisted nominees, Engr. Abdul Haseeb Mansuri secured his place among the three individuals selected for this prestigious recognition, alongside awardees from Japan and India.
This recognition not only highlights Engr. Abdul Haseeb Mansuri’s individual accomplishments but also signifies Pakistan’s growing influence and contributions in the engineering and social development arenas on the global stage.

Nominations were selected on following evaluation criteria:
1. Contribution to Consulting Engineering Industry (Research/Education)
2. Contribution to Asia Pacific
3. Contribution to Member Association
4. Contribution to Future Leaders, Especially of Asia Pacific Future Leaders
5. Contribution to Social & Community
Award ceremony is going to be held in Bangkok during Annual Conference on 27th November 2023.

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