Dananeer Mobeen claims she lost career opportunities after pro-Palestine take

Actor and content creator Dananeer Mobeen used Instagram to share how losing out on chances came from her outspoken support for Palestine.

She however says she has no regrets for speaking out as, “the amount of work I’ve lost because of standing with Falasteen and I have zero regrets,” she wrote in her story.

Given Pakistan’s long-standing pro-Palestine position, stars in Pakistani showbiz have not suffered such repression, although prominent celebrities like Susan Sarandon and Bella Hadid continue to face criticism for their support of Palestine. After Dananeer’s disclosure, there has been conjecture about whether she lost out on domestic or foreign opportunities.

The 21-year-old gained fame as the ‘Pawri girl’ after her five-second video went viral on social media around the subcontinent.

She has been using her official Instagram account to spread awareness of the worsening humanitarian situation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip which are both occupied by Israel.

Dananeer posted a photo of herself sobbing in another Story commenting on the horrific and depressing images she was seeing from Palestine.

“Every day I wake up and think it’ll get easier. But how does looking at torn-apart bodies of children become easier?” Dananeer expressed her sorrow. “Fathers holding their dead children in their arms? How does it get easier?”

The actor from Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri went on, pleading with people to keep expressing their support for Palestine. It doesn’t. It also ought not to. And the only thing that should spur us on to continue discussing it should be this sentiment.

Netizens respond to Dananeer’s story by saying she is just overestimating herself as even some more popular celebrities have spoken against Israel’s atrocities without mentioning that they have lost many career roles in the future.

They also advise the ‘Pawri girl’ to continue raising voice for Palestine without focusing particularly what she has lost due to her stance.

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