PTI will also form a government in Sindh says Shaikh Rashid

By Shakeel Ahmed

ISLAMABAD : Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid says that lockdown in Sindh will cause damage. PTI will also form a government in Sindh.


Addressing the function, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed warned the provincial government that the provincial government should adopt Imran Khan’s smart lockdown model.


He said that Imran Khan’s government has also formed a government in Kashmir, now they will also form a government in Sindh. He said that he had said a long time ago that he would leave the PML-N, adding that Imran Khan would decide the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir. He further said that elections will be held on time, PTI is improving day by day.


No power in the world can spoil Pak-China relations, Pakistan-China relations are higher than the Himalayas. The whole nation is with China, there is a conspiracy to spoil relations.


He said, “If my bus goes, I will shoot the killer of Noor Muqaddam myself. The four drivers caught in the case of the daughter of the Afghan ambassador have been released.” Lal Haveli was fired upon twice, the Foreign Ministry will respond regarding Afghan affairs.


The Home Minister said that people will be recruited on merit, cooking raw workers and providing housing facilities is the purpose of my life, for me Nala is a matter of life and death. They are going to build a university in Rawalpindi.


Sheikh Rashid further said that he would build workers’ flats in Jhangi Syedan ​​and for the last two years of the government he would work only for the poor. The newly elected leaders of the Municipal Labor Union took oath. Hopefully we will work for the betterment of the city.

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