Ahmed Masood announces resistance against Taliban

By Web Desk

KABUL : The son of the late Afghan leader Ahmad Shah Masood, has declared resistance to the Taliban.


Ahmed Masood, 32, wrote an article in the Washington Post saying he was accompanied by members of the Afghan army and some members of the Special Forces unit.


“They also have weapons and ammunition that we have stored since the time of our father, Ahmad Shah Masood, because we knew that day could come,” he wrote.



Ahmed Masood said that apart from this, the troops who have joined us have also brought arms and ammunition.




It should be noted that Ahmad Masood, son of the late leader Ahmad Shah Masood, is currently in his native area of ​​Panjshir Valley, which has not yet been captured by the Taliban.


“If the Taliban attack the Panjshir Valley, they will face strong resistance from us,” he said.

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