Possible arrival of Afghan refugees, Pakistan’s arrangements complete

By Our Correspondent

Pakistan has made arrangements for the possible arrival of refugees from Afghanistan.


About 500,000 to 700,000 refugees from Afghanistan could come to Pakistan, but officials say they will not accept refugees from Afghanistan.


According to sources, the Afghan Commissionerate has identified places for refugee camps near 3 crossing points.


The border areas of North Waziristan and Chitral have been selected for Afghan refugee camps.


Sources said that camps for Afghan refugees will be set up in Khyber District near Torkham border and in North Waziristan near Ghulam Khan border.


Sources said that a refugee camp would be set up near Erandu crossing point in Chitral if required.


Afghan Refugee Commissioner Abbas Khan said in this regard that Pakistan has decided not to allow more Afghan refugees to come.


He also said that if there was a human tragedy, Pakistan was fully prepared for it.

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