If Corona is not vaccinated, you will not get a ticket, Pakistan Railways announced

Pakistan Railways has announced that it will not issue train tickets to passengers who have not been vaccinated with the corona vaccine since September 15.


According to the spokesperson of Pakistan Railways, the checking system has been made effective at the railway stations as per the SOPs. ۔ The railway spokesperson further said that the railway employees should also be given one dose of corona vaccine by September 15 and another dose by October 15.


It is pertinent to mention here that last month new restrictions were decided for those who did not get corona vaccine, in view of which the sale of petrol to those who did not get corona vaccination has been stopped in the provincial capital Lahore from September 1. Earlier, the district administration had also put up banners at petrol pumps.


It was written on the banners hung at the petrol pumps that from September 1, 2021, those who have not been vaccinated against corona vaccine will not get petrol. From September 1, petrol will be given only to those who have been vaccinated against corona. On the other hand, the Motorway Police has also banned travel on motorways and highways without Corona Vaccination Certificate.

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