Overseas Pakistanis are ‘facing more problems in Pakistan than abroad Naeem Shah Baz Khan President PHC Belgium


Naeem Shahbaz Khan, President of Pakistan Overseas Community Belgium has said that migrants are the backbone of their country’s economic growth and stability, and they have a vital role in the development of country, but unfortunately, the problems of migrants are more in Pakistan than abroad. The straining point of their problems is the airport. Overseas Pakistanis come to their beloved country with a passion and pleasures but at airports problems hindrances are created for them. As long as they are in Pakistan, they are harassed by various tactics and their properties are confiscated. The Pakistan Overseas Community (POC) has been set up to alleviate similar problems and difficulties of migrants answering to a question, Naeem Shahbaz Khan said that this caravan of our public service has twenty passionate members and is striving to serve the community. He said that we want the representation of political parties in the POC and it is being worked on because the objectives of political parties are also public. He emphasized on the awareness of rights and duties among the Pakistani community living abroad. We believe that we should change our thinking he added.

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