The government has increased the development budget by 43%, says Shah Mehmood

By Abid Siddique Chaudhry

ISLAMABAD : Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi claimed that the government had increased the development budget by 43%.


Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood while addressing a press conference in Multan said that the feedback of the federal budget was encouraging, our focus is on economic growth which will increase employment. Despite Corona’s challenge, he tried to improve the economy.


He said that controlling inflation is the top priority of the government, per capita income increased by 200 200, adding that despite the pressure, the price of electricity did not increase. The government is working on transmission to control load shedding.


“Remittances have exceeded our expectations,” he said. Interest free loans will be provided to farmers. He said that the production of agricultural commodities has increased, climate change is affecting agriculture, funds have been allocated in this regard and concessions have been given to every sector in the budget.


Shah Mehmood said that in the recent budget taxes have been reduced, in the budget we have planned how to control inflation, by the grace of Allah capital income is increasing.


The Foreign Minister said that in recent days it has been said that Sindh is being ignored, a dangerous package has been given for Karachi, money has been allocated for Karachi Circular Railway and Sukkur to Hyderabad Motorway. The entire country will be connected to the Sukkur-Hyderabad Motorway. Motorway will be constructed from Sialkot to Kharian. He said that talks have been held with China on ML-1 railway.


“We are allocating Rs 118 billion for the energy sector. The people have not been burdened with more electricity bills. We want to rely more on hydropower and solar and control the costly electricity,” he said. ۔ Can’t control past power projects.


He said that Rs 91 billion has been allocated in the budget in the water sector, 10 dams are being constructed which will improve the water and electricity situation. “We have maintained petrol prices, not increased income tax and sales tax rates,” he added. The value of the rupee has improved,


Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that the business community has appreciated the budget, thought of government employees even with limited resources, increased the salaries and pensions of government employees by 10%. The budgets of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan will also improve.


The Foreign Minister said, “We want to bring backward and developed areas on an equal footing. We want the whole country to develop.” Rs 54 billion has been allocated for the development of FATA. For the first time in the history of Pakistan, a budget is being kept for South Punjab. The budget that will be kept for South Punjab will be spent only in South Punjab. The tender for South Punjab Secretariat will be held on June 20.


He said that we are grateful to all the members of the Provincial and National Assemblies, all the members of the Assembly expressed confidence in the leadership of Imran Khan, assured to vote in the budget. The aspirations of the opposition will be thwarted and the federal and provincial budgets will be approved.


Shah Mehmood further said that investigations are underway on the issue of Jahangir Tareen, Imran Khan has made it clear that no one will be discriminated against and no one will be abused. We will walk on merit, there will be milk of milk and water of water.

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