Will send more troops to Afghanistan if needed: Biden

US President Joe Biden has condemned the terrorist attack on Kabul airport and said that if additional forces are needed in Afghanistan, they will be sent. We will try to evacuate as many Americans as possible.


“We can’t say who carried out the attack, but there are reports that the attackers will have to pay the price. We will not forget this attack and we will not forgive it,” Biden said.


Biden said the Kabul attack would be answered by ISIS, and that the United States would decide when and when to respond.


In his speech, the US President said that we will chase and hunt down the attackers. The American soldiers killed in Afghanistan are heroes. American heroes gave their lives for a good cause.


He said that the evacuation process from Kabul Airport was going on smoothly, 7,000 people had been evacuated in the last 12 hours.


“We will not be afraid of terrorists, the evacuation process will continue, we will complete the evacuation of American citizens by August 31,” he said.



It should be noted that 60 people, including children and US soldiers, were killed and 140 others were injured in the blasts near Kabul Airport yesterday.

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