The last US soldier also left Afghanistan

Shortly before the deadline set by the Taliban, the last troops left Kabul.


The Taliban took full control of Kabul Airport. Kabul resounded with aerial firing on the withdrawal of foreign troops. According to the details, shortly before midnight in Kabul, the last contingent of US forces left in transport planes. The last soldier to board the last plane was Major General Chris Donne Hue.


Immediately after the US withdrawal, the Taliban entered the remaining part of Kabul Airport. The 20-year Afghan war killed 2,500 American soldiers and 3,846 American contractors. The war involved 1,144 NATO troops. More than 66,000 US-backed Afghan soldiers and police have died in the 20-year war.


More than 47,000 Afghan civilians also lost their lives in the war. More than 51,000 Taliban and other fighters have been killed fighting the US military. 444 aid workers and 72 journalists also lost their lives in the war. Thus ended the 20-year occupation of Afghanistan by US and NATO forces.

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